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   Now, i'd like to tell you about song that I loved to hear..

Song Title:  You Are The Number One For MeSinger: Maher Zain
Lyrics: Maher Zain & Bilal Hajji
Melody: Maher Zain & Nano Omar
Arrangement: Maher Zain
Mixing: Ronny Lahti



I was a foolish little childCrazy things I used to doAnd all the pain I put you throughMama now I'm here for youFor all the times I made you cryThe days I told you liesNow it's time for you to riseFor all the things you sacrificed

[Chorus]Oh, if I could turn back time rewindIf I could make it undoneI swear that I wouldI would make it up to youMum I'm all grown up nowIt's a brand new dayI'd like to put a smile on your face every dayMum I'm all grown up nowAnd it's not too lateI'd like to put a smile on your face every day
And now I finally understandYour famous lineAbout the day I'd face in time'Cause now I’ve got a child of mineAnd even though I was so badI've learned so much from youNow I'm trying to do it tooLove my kid the way you do

You know you are the number one for me (x3)Oh, oh, number one for me
There's no one in this world that can take your placeOh, I'm sorry for ever taking you for granted, oohI will use every chance I getTo make you smile, whenever I'm around youNow I will try to love you like you love meOnly God knows how much you mean to me

You know you are the number one for me (x3)Oh, oh, number one for me.

I like this song a lot, it tell us how parents really means for us, and there would be a time we should says sorry and thankful to our parents. The song tell that how foolish we as a kids, but our parents kept loving us, took care of us, and when we have grown up we should make our parents smile before we regret all. And because we have learned from our parents, we should try to do it too , love our kids in the future. And only God know how much our parents mean to us, and they are just the only one for us, that can't be replaced by anyone.

I really caught the meaning of this song, we should try to love our parents like they did. With study hard, help them, doing our best, and pray to God for them. Don't be regret for all we have done to them.


Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better  Future For All
    Education is one of all important things that we must to have, human without education can’t understand things in the world. There are many kinds of education start from the litlle things to the huge things. From we born to the earth we have been gifted many education from our mother, we learned how to walk, how to speak, and many more. But there are good education and bad education, and we as the human should be carefull to choose, all we learned could make us better person if we get good education. Or perhaps education could make our future better.
  Where we could get good education? everywhere, it could be our natural environment, cultural environment, even social environment.  But now all places have many school, we could get more education there, such as chemistry and math, we could use all of the school education to do our routine, such as managing our money, there are lot of math there. We also get some education about good manners in our school. All we have to do is admit everything that are good for us. Some of us may be boring that we have to study almost all the time, but education is not something that we could avoid, we all need it to make us survive on this big world, we need it to help each other, we need it to make us better and better person.  Don’t just admire the education, we have to share it to someone that doesn’t know what we know from the knowladge of the education that we hve learned. Not just a teacher could told us about education, our perents too. We have to get more education if we want to be a better person, and education would never at the end, it will always increase all the time. If you want the knowledge from education very useful, you should learned it with your own heart, think about it if something was on your heart, it means it was really meaningful.
  Education was like a door to our succes, the more education we have the more change we succes. And school is like one of many key that could open the door of the education. There are lot of another key, we could get it from our family too. By knowing more about knowledge from good education, we could be make many people happy by using our kowledge.
  Someone without education will have no bright future. We heve to curious about kowledge, so that education could make your future brigther and you could be a better person in the future, so from now lets learn something wisely and use it  don’t waste it, we could make education to build our future so that we could be a better person. so lets study for our best.                                                                                                      

Rabu, 27 Januari 2016

Amazing Structure

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney, Australia, identified as one of the 20th century's most distinctive buildings.
Designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, the building was formally opened by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, on 20 October 1973. A large crowd attended. Utzon was not invited to the ceremony, nor was his name mentioned. The opening was televised and included fireworks and a performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. On 20 October 1973 after a gestation beginning with Utzon's 1957 selection as winner of an international design competition. The government of New South Wales, led by the premier, Joseph Cahill, authorised work to begin in 1958 with Utzon directing construction. The government's decision to build Utzon's design is often overshadowed by circumstances that followed, including cost and scheduling overruns as well as the architect's ultimate resignation.

The Sydney Opera House became a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28 June 2007.

The building and its surrounds occupy the whole of Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, between Sydney Cove and Farm Cove, adjacent to the Sydney central business district and the Royal Botanic Gardens, and close by the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Though its name suggests a single venue, the building comprises multiple performance venues which together are among the busiest of performing arts centres - hosting well over 1,500 performances annually, attended by more than 1.2 million people. A wide range of performances is presented in the venues, by numerous performing arts producers, including four key resident companies: Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. As one of the most popular visitor attractions in Australia, more than eight million people visit the site each year, with around 350,000 visitors annually taking a guided tour of the building.
The building is managed by the Sydney Opera House Trust, an agency of the New South Wales State Government.
The facility features a modern expressionist design, with a series of large precast concrete "shells", each composed of sections of a sphere of 75.2 metres (246 ft 8.6 in) radius,forming the roofs of the structure, set on a monumental podium. The building covers 1.8 hectares (4.4 acres) of land and is 183 m (600 ft) long and 120 m (394 ft) wide at its widest point. It is supported on 588 concrete piers sunk as much as 25 m (82 ft) below sea level.
Although the roof structures are commonly referred to as "shells" (as in this article), they are precast concrete panels supported by precast concrete ribs, not shells in a strictly structural sense.Though the shells appear uniformly white from a distance, they actually feature a subtle chevron pattern composed of 1,056,006 tiles in two colours: glossy white and matte cream. The tiles were manufactured by the Swedish company Höganäs AB which generally produced stoneware tiles for the paper-mill industry.
Apart from the tile of the shells and the glass curtain walls of the foyer spaces, the building's exterior is largely clad with aggregate panels composed of pink granite quarried at Tarana. Significant interior surface treatments also include off-form concrete, Australian white birch plywood supplied from Wauchope in northern New South Wales, and brush box glulam.
Of the two larger spaces, the Concert Hall is in the western group of shells, the Joan Sutherland Theatre in the eastern group. The scale of the shells was chosen to reflect the internal height requirements, with low entrance spaces, rising over the seating areas up to the high stage towers. The smaller venues (the Drama Theatre, the Playhouse and the Studio) are within the podium, beneath the Concert Hall. A smaller group of shells set to the western side of the Monumental Steps houses the Bennelong Restaurant. The podium is surrounded by substantial open public spaces, and the large stone-paved forecourt area with the adjacent monumental steps is regularly used as a performance space.
Performance venues and facilities

The Sydney Opera House includes a number of performance venues:
Concert Hall: With 2,679 seats, the home of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and used by a large number of other concert presenters. It contains the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ, the largest mechanical tracker action organ in the world, with over 10,000 pipes.
Joan Sutherland Theatre: A proscenium theatre with 1,507 seats, the Sydney home of Opera Australia and The Australian Ballet. Until 16 October 2012 it was known as the Opera Theatre.
Drama Theatre: A proscenium theatre with 544 seats, used by the Sydney Theatre Company and other dance and theatrical presenters.
Playhouse: An end-stage theatre with 398 seats.
Studio: A flexible space with a maximum capacity of 400, depending on configuration.
Utzon Room: A small multi-purpose venue, seating up to 210.
Recording Studio
Outdoor Forecourt: A flexible open-air venue with a wide range of configuration options, including the possibility of utilising the Monumental Steps as audience seating, used for a range of community events and major outdoor performances.
Other areas (for example the northern and western foyers) are also used for performances on an occasional basis. Venues are also used for conferences, ceremonies and social functions
The building also houses a recording studio, cafes, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. Guided tours are available, including a frequent tour of the front-of-house spaces, and a daily backstage tour that takes visitors backstage to see areas normally reserved for performers and crew members.

opera house at night

opera house's front view

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_Opera_House

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My Last Holiday

My Last Holiday
       Hello there, now I’m going to tell you about my last holiday. Before I went facation with my family, my mother took my first semester report, and I’m really sad that I’ve to attend short semester. But greatfully that the SP (short semester) didn’t postpone my holiday schedule. On 25th December morning, me and my family went to airport. After we have Checked In in airport, we waited for the plane on the waiting room. After a few minutes, there was announcement, “for the passengers to Singapore, may go to the gate for board on plane’’. Then I and my family went to the gate 5 for board the plane. It takes about one hour and 45 minutes from Bandung to Singapore, I thought it was a long time, because I’m a little bit scared. When the plane departed on Changi airport, we have to fill the immigration letter. Then we went to the central of Changi with monorail. Then we took MRT to go to the places where the hotels built. MRT is massal transportation, you can use it if you had an Eazzy link card. We took two MRT from Changi to the hotel. After we arrived at the station we took a walk to the hotel. After we put our suitcase we took some rest and pray. At 2.30 noon we back to the nearest station, we wanted to see sunset on Garden by The Bay. It tooks 3 minutes with MRT. Then we took a walk and sightseeing. There were a unique building, it were 3 large buildings and on the top of its there we a huge ships that connect each of the large buildings. We took a photo on Merlion state, and saw flower shaped building. And we cross river trough the Helix Bridge. Then we arrive at Garden by The Bay. There were huge tree replica that would glow at night, its were really beautiful. We stayed there until the sky was dark. Then we get back to the hotel by MRT. Our hotel was near at some food court, so we had our dinner there. Then we slept after we arrived at the hotel.
              26th December in the morning, after I pray I took a bath, then watched TV. After all my family member had taken a bath, we left the hotel and had breakfast on a food court called Al Wadi. Then we took MRT to the City of Singapore. When MRT arrive at a Mall, we bought four cable car tickets and four Sea Aquarium tickets. Then we took a cable car to Santosa Island. The view was really great with cable car, I saw many beautiful places up there. When we arrive at Santosa Island, we entered Sea Aquarium. There were many creatures that live at water especially sea creatures, I was amazed at puff fish, huge ray, big mighty swamp-eel, and many more. We saw a dancing rays too. After we left Sea Aquarium, we took a cable car for sightseeing, the ticket that we bought before were allowed us to use cable car as long as we want. But because we were hungry we had a lunch after we left Santosa Island, after that we took a bus to Johor city at Malaysia. We had sightseeing and had dinner there. After that we got back to Singapore by bus. Then we took MRT to the nearest station from the hotels. I was really tired, when I was just arrived at the hotel, I took a bath and then slept peacefully.
             This is my last day at Singapore, at 27th December in the morning, after I took a bath, I helped my Mom to packed back our stuff back to the suitcase. We first took MRT to Changi to deposit our suitcase, than from Changi we went to Clark Quay street by MRT for sightseeing. After that we took MRT to went to Chinatown, I bought many souvenir for my friend there. After that we went to Changi to Check In, after we had dinner we board the plane. And then we get back to Bandung. We got a little turbulence because of the bad weather, thank goodness that all the passenger were alright. We arrived Bandung at 9 pm. The next day I went to school for attended math short semester. It last for three days, on the last day I got the final test. So the short semester ended on 30th December.
            On 1st January at the next year, I and my family went to Jogjakarta by train from Bandung train station. It took about 8 hours from Bandung to Jogjakarta. The weather was really hot there, we took a taxi from Jogjakarta train station to the hotel. After we put our stuff there we went sightseeing by walked surround the street. We visited Dowa, and bought Wedang Ronde. After that we visited the hotel where my grandparents and my uncles stayed. The hotel was very near to Malioboro street, it just took 5 minutes by walk. I, my brother and my parents went to Malioboro for sightseeing. When we were on the way to my grandparents hotel, my mother’s feet was get struck by Delman, thank goodness that my mom was could still take a walk. My parent had a wedding invitation near there, my brother and I was left with our grandparents and uncle Arbi and uncle Wildan. We had a dinner together, and we did shopping on Malioboro. After that we went back to the hotel. I slept with my grandparents, my brother slept with our uncles, and my parents slept on different hotel.

                   On  2nd January on the morning after I have breakfast and had taken a bath, my grandpa took us (I and my brother) to my parents hotel by his car. At 10 am we went to Pati by rented a car to visited my great grandmother, she was on the hospital. Whwn I got there she was laying on the bed with an infusion. I was really sorry to saw her like that, she couldn’t opened her eyes. After we left the hospital we went back to Jogjakarta after we pray Maghrib. When we arrived at hotel at Jogjakarta I slept with my parents, because my grandparents and my uncles had gone back to Semarang. 3rd January morning, I woke up and pray Shubuh, then took a shower, packed my clothes, and had breakfast. After we deposit our suitcase on the hotel, we took a walk to Malioboro, it took about 15 minutes. We went shopping again there, I got car miniature made by wood, it was really unique. My parents got bags made from leather, and my brother got Wayang Kulit. We also went to Pasar Bringharjo, my mother got many clothes there. After that we went to Museum Benteng Vredeburg, we took some photos there, after that we went to The Mata museum by taxi. On The Mata, the museum of 3D art we took many photos there, because the art was really great if you took a picture there. After that we get back to the hotel to took our suitcase, and we went to Adisutjipto Airport (Jogjakarta airport). After we had lunch there, we then board to the plane, and went back to Bandung. Well that’s was my last but not least holiday story ~~~~

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Places, My House

My House

Now i'm going to show you about some pictures with some captions of my house, it's not big but cozy enough for me and my family.

Location : 
Jalan Cisitu Lama X [means 10 in romawi's numbers], No. V (its not really the number, sorry but this is privacy), Dago, Coblong, Bandung. 

My house have 2 floors. Contains 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a living rooms,a dry fishpond, a family room, a kitchen, a dinning room, 3 balconies, 2 gardens, a garage, and 2 storerooms.

this is the gate to my house, as you look there are a garden, the door you look at the first floor is the main door that connected to the living room. on the second floor as you can see there is a balcony and 2 doors, the most visible door connected to my bedroom, and the other door with a little window connect to my parents room.

a little move to the right from the first place, now you look at the first floor. as you can see there were two black window were closing each other that connected to my brother's room, in front of his room's windows there were two chair and a table, this is the waiting place. besides the waiting room there was my aunt motorcycle, behind the motorcycle there was a garage. now look at the second floor, there was my auntie's room's door with the balcony.

now we are going inside my house through the main door, there are living room, and on the dark side there was a dry fishpond.

this is the place to communicate to the other people on the other further places, there was a white telephone.

this is one of my studying places, why i like about this places are the fridge and the despenser, you know when i was hungry i didn't have to worried.

this is the family room, look there is an apple on a table. my family and i usually do many activities together in this places, such as watching movies, discuss many things, do some home works, and even we ate together in here.

this is a crop of my room's pictures, i do many things in here such as pray, study, play some games, watch movies, do my hobbies, reading novels, painting, and of course take some sleep.

and this is the dinning room the place to get main food, there are window that connect to the kitchen, people in here were rarely use this room to ate their food, they favorite place to eat was family room. well this is the last picture i could get from my house.



My School Life

My School Life.
Three days in Rindam
 Hi. Now im going to tell you about my activity in Rindam III Siliwangi in Bandung, the place is near my school. In Rindam III Siliwangi all the 10th graders must join the School Leadership Training. I came to Rindam III Siliwangi early in the morning, i brought lot of stuff, so i bruoght 2 bags contains 1 suitcase and 1 backpack. We gathered on the field. Then we all separete into two groups, called kompi, i was join kompi one, and i was given red ribbon. Then we all put our bag, on big bedroom called barak. Then we gathered on the aula.
  We began our event with some matter from Mrs. I forgot her name,  i was excited that Pa Encang was giving all the 10 th grade matter. Pa Encang said that we shoukd be good coach on the future, we should be honest, smart, take some risk, and many more. I jus realize that being coach was really take many responsibility. After the matter, we continue to PBB means Peraturan Baris Berbaris in bahasa. We learn some rules about how to match with right. What i didn't know before was how to count people in a row or in the line, it was fun i thought. After that we had some rest. We all ate before continue our next activity, i was shock, even before we have eaten we shuold made a line an sang a song. When we ate we shouldnt hunchbacked,our back must must straight. But it didnt hard tought. After we ate we do some match again. After all the activity we all took a bath, our time for took a bath was not long, we just given 3 minutes for having a bath. The problem is, on one bathroom there should be 3-4 person each room. I havent did that before for the rest of my life, but the senior was really success made me took a bath. After we took a bath we do many activity,  what i remember was we choose our generation representative. It was really excited,  all the student seem really entertained with all the people on a stage, its like watching stand up comedy. Then we take some sleep on Barak. The next day we do many activity, i forgot again what we do, but i remember that we had some ceremony. And we do some little game on the field. On the late night we do some reflection, most of all the student was cried. I cried a lot, it was really sad. The we do some firecamp ceremony, we must kiss the Indonesia flag, seem new thing to me. After that we sleep on Barak.
 Last day, we all must really tired but the activity was not finished yet, what we do first was pray of course, then we do some exercise. After that we tooking a bath, then have some breakfast. Before we close our activity there was a guest who would gave matter, we was given matter about how to confident to be a coach. After that we do some activities again. Then we finished our.school leadership training with closing ceremony in the aula. Then we go back to our barak after the absen setion. I took my bags and wait my parents for took me up from Rindan III Siliwangi. Althought my leg was  stiff, altougt i had a little headache i was really enjoyed all the activity. One word for this activity EXCITED.

Rabu, 18 November 2015

Cross Word Puzzle








5 4

















explanation :
red  : down
blue : across

Crossword Puzzle

Questions :
·         Down
1.       Something classic and very old
2.       School assessment test
3.       Refusing someone or something
4.       A young goat
5.       A season filled with white stuff
6.       Stop working
7.       Burger king’s top food
8.       ___ blue and red to make purple
9.       An animal with black and white stripes
10.   Birds always to this with their wings (Verb 2)
11.   What I look when I’m sick
12.   Rich people favorite sport
13.   People like to say this to their pet so they stop moving around

·         Across
1.       Makes waiter happy when they receive this from the customer
2.       Synonym of avoid and also an animal
3.       Connecting millions of electronic devices mostly phone and computer
4.       With out it, you cannot make sentence
5.       Makes calling someone from another country possible
6.       People usually only write this when they make point of compass
7.       Synonym of area that has particular characteristic
8.       Where my mouth, nose, and eyes are located
9.       The definition is method
10.   Something you give to your lover, commonly the color is red
11.   A brand of American automobiles. Founded in 1941
12.   The king’s wife
13.   A popular game with one person seeking and the others ____
14.   Usually appear at the begining of online game, without -ing
15.   Hand over to
16.   A public sector company and is the largest integrated iron and steel producer in India.